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Completed Projects
The Westchester Project Highlights

The building was constructed in 1929 and its galvanized domestic water piping was replaced with copper in 1953. In 2006, after years of pinhole leak problems, CuraFlo Mid Atlantic was contracted to epoxy line the system in building one of five. Many of the residents have lived in the building for over 60 years and remember the disruption that the 1953 repiping caused to their lives. They were very pleased to know that a less invasive solution, The CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System®, was available to them. The epoxy pipe lining process, in the 151 unit building, took only three months to complete. Pleased with the outcome of this first project the buildings’ management team contracted CuraFlo Mid Atlantic to epoxy line a second building in 2007, a third in 2008, and fourth in 2010.

The Berkshire Project Highlights

The eleven story, 759 unit, building was repiped with copper in 1988 and had begun to experience significant pinhole leak problems by 2006. The building owners were pleased when told that they would not have to relocate tenants during the installation of The CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System®. Due to the non-invasiveness of our process the buildings’ management reported that they had fewer tenant issues during the project than they did with other major renovation projects. To the delight of the building owners the process was completed ahead of schedule. It took less than eight months to epoxy line the piping which had taken almost two years to replace in 1988.

Georgian Towers Project Highlights

Georgian Towers is a fourteen story high rise apartment building located in the heart of downtown Silver Spring. The building consists of four sections. Sections 1 & 2 had gone through a messy repipe project. In August of 2007 the owners contracted CuraFlo Mid Atlantic to epoxy line the domestic water piping in sections 3 & 4. The pipe lining process in the last two sections, consisting of 448 units, was completed in less than four months. Kent Eberhardt, Vice President of Stellar Management, was so pleased with The CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System® that he said, “I’ll never repipe a building again.”

Glen Oaks Project Highlights

Ross Development had used CuraFlo Mid Atlantic on previous projects and knew that The CuraFlo Engineered Flow Lining System® would be the right fit for this renovation. Saving time and money by using the CuraFlo® process was critical to this condominium conversion project. Following the completion of the project Jason Klippel, Development Manager, said “we look forward to working with CuraFlo on the next project and I would recommend your firm to other Property Owners as the leading epoxy pipe lining company.


“I personally was very impressed with their effort. The workmen were very professional, courteous, protective of my furnishings, left my place spotless, showed up on schedule and completed on schedule. In addition to the prospect of eliminating leaks, the water pressure is now greatly improved.”
- Eileen Glew, Edinburgh House

“The projects (MICA Condominium and Glen Oaks Apartments) differ in nature from high-rise to garden style, both requiring complex coordination with existing residents. The CuraFlo Mid Atlantic team overcame all obstacles and performed the work in a expeditious and professional manner. We look forward to working with CuraFlo Mid Atlantic on the next project and I would recommend your firm to other property owners as the leading epoxy pipe lining company.”
- Jason Klippel, Development Manager

“Your proficient planning and coordination of the work tasks were instrumental in the workmen executing their work efficiently and without any consequential problems. The finished project accomplished just as we had envisioned, thanks to your understanding and insight. Finishing a project on schedule and within budget is always an important measure of any successful project, and you have achieved these goals quite well.”
- Richard J. Schuetz, Architect, Apolline, A condominium

“The process of proposing for the work was smooth and professional. CuraFlo Mid Atlantic was quite responsive and cooperative with me about sharing bidding information. The actual pipe lining work was done very well. What I experienced was a crew that was cooperative and relaxed. That positive attitude told me that when it came time to crawl under the building, through a three foot crawl space, to a difficult to reach pipe connection, the CuraFlo Mid Atlantic technicians would do it, and would ensure that the epoxy flowed through to the end of the pipe.”
- Greg Boyd, Office of Facilities Management, Fairfax County Public Schools
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